Crown Financial Ministries

Brother Eugene and Sister Yolanda West

Unfortunately, most Christians have been taught only God’s principle of handling 10 percent of their income—the area of giving. Although this is crucial, they do not understand the Lord’s perspective of handling the other 90 percent. In the Crown Biblical Financial Study, you will learn what Scripture teaches about managing all your possessions. This study is very practical. Each time you learn a principle there is a financial exercise to help you apply what you have learned. The cost of the study is nominal. Students receive a manual, workbook, and a copy of Your Money Counts. Topics include, Getting out of debt, Spending, Saving and Investing, Budgeting, Giving, Earning money and Training children.
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Together With Christ (TWC) Couples Ministry

TWC is all about building and strengthening marriages. Marriage is the foundation for the family and for the church. We must have strong/healthy marriages to have strong families and churches. We want to help Christian couples understand by making Christ the guiding force in their marriage, they will be empowered and know that no obstacle is insurmountable.

TWC plans to have quarterly events (outings/training sessions) and an annual marriage retreat. We know that with fellowship, training, mentoring and by doing it Together with Christ, we will have committed relationships and stronger marriages.

Our mission is to help couples understand God’s plan for their marriage and to provide them the tools needed to grow Together with Christ in their marriages.
We believe that marriage is a covenant intended by God to be a lifelong fruitful relationship between a man and a woman (Matthew 19:3-6). We vow to God, each other, our families and our community to remain steadfast in unconditional love, reconciliation, and sexual purity while purposefully growing in our marriage relationship.