Youth Department

Elder John Robinson

Elder John Robinson

Youth President

The Sander’s Temple Youth Department has a collective array of ministries and programs for teens and young adults. The department is comprised of a number of ministries with individual purposes but which all collaborate toward a common goal; ensuring that our youth seek the will of God for their lives and understand that with Christ nothing is impossible.

YPWW is a weekly class in which people of all ages come together and discuss a designated bible lesson. Classes are divided into several age groups. There is an adult class, a youth class and classes for children.
Classes are held every Friday at 6:00 p.m.


President: Elder John Robinson

This ministry’s mission is to hear our youth and to promote the assurance that the appropriate efforts are being made to hear their voices.
Meetings are held every third Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.


President: Sister Shirley Rutland-Carter

The YSE is an auxiliary of the Youth Department which ministers to young people ages 13-18.


Mission Statement:
In accordance with the mission of the Youth Department, the YSE seeks to help cultivate the role and responsibilities of teens to themselves, their church and their community.

The YSE encourages participation of both males and females. In doing so, their participation is directed towards the positive aspects of today’s society by teaching god as being the center of all good things. Such a direction allows the YSE auxiliary participants to realize that they are servant for God’s purpose, direction and will in their lives.

To implement a program, which will encourage teens to view the positive aspects of today’s society; and through God’s direction identify their function by way of participation. We will achieve this goal through rap sessions, workshops, guest speakers and field trips.

· To teach youth how to make decisions that will positively affect their lives in any situation
· To motivate a higher level of participation and create a “get involved” attitude.
· To persuade youth that God has a definite plan for their lives and that they are servants of His Kingdom.

President: Sis Johnnie Thomas

For other Youth ministries please see Women’s Department